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All of our websites include responsive designs so your website will suit any device ranging from huge monitors to small mobile smartphones. Please learn more by clicking here.


Our designs aren't built off of templates, they're built from the ground up and are custom tailored to your business using the latest and greatest in coding technologies.


Our websites are built so that they work with all the popular Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This is important because every visitor to your website will be using a different browser.

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Yarra Ranges IT is a small business run in Montrose, Victoria. We specialise in developing cost effective websites for local organisations and businesses within the Yarra Ranges. Our aim is to create a unique experience for you and your customers which will improve your online presence and allow more potential customers to find you and not the opposition.

We can start by getting in contact and discussing what type of website you need. After we have an idea of what you require in your site we can send you a free quote. If you like what you see we can go ahead and start building your website. Learn more about the process by clicking here.

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We also have photography services if you need photos taken for your new site. We can come to your location and photograph staff, your buildings, products or just about anything else. The photographs will be edited and modified for online use. For a quote on your photography needs please contact Keegan by phone: 0467 490 623 or email keegan@yarrarangesitsolutions.com.au.

Websites can look a lot nicer if they have professional images and graphics on them. We can design or source anything from a simple icon all the way up to large graphics that cover entire webpages. If you would like to get a quote on some icons or graphics for your website please get in contact.

Responsive Website Design

Having a website that is responsive is very important for the best user experience possible. It means that the website adapts to the screen size it's being viewed on. For example this website is responsive, if you compare the phone version to the computer version in the photos below you can see that the information is correctly sized for each device. Our websites are fitted with responsive designs at no extra charge which means your website will look great no matter what the customer is using to view it.

Diagram showing different devices with the same website open

Built In Website Add-Ons

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What are built in website add-ons? These are modifications that can be added to your website. They come with all of our websites and can be edited for suitable use on your website. Our add-ons are listed below.

Google Maps and Social buttons
Image gallery and content slider

Search Engine Optimisation

When developing a website we add it to the all of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing free of any extra charges to make it easy for people to find your website.

We code all of the nitty gritty information so that your website shows up in as many searches as possible. When constructing the webpages we like to add as many keywords about your business, location and services as possible because we think search visibility is a very important matter.

Please learn more about our services with the links below or get in contact so we can answer any questions you may have.

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